"When I first went to see Dr. Henry Dent, I was unable to walk a half a block due to the pain in my back. I had an operation a few years ago where they removed a disc in my lower back. After treatment from him, I now am able to walk a lot better and farther with less discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Dent who has given me so much relief. I thank you very much."
- R.G.W Bryan


"I started seeing Kurtis in the fall of 2010 for an issue on my foot. During a subsequent visit Kurtis discovered that I had frozen shoulder. I had not mentioned to him at any time he worked on this area for about 30 minutes and it has not re-occured in over a year. I highly recommend Kurtis as a massage therapist. I have seen other therapists in the past, but i find Kurtis to be very knowledgable and professional in every way."
- Gord Grant


"Being in the fast pace world of business, I thought I didn't have time to concern myself with my health. Until, I began feeling tired throughout the day, and the endless amounts of coffee didn't help at all. I saw my doctor, and she informed that my weight, lack of physical activity and eating habits were affecting my daily routine. I found that Mountainview Health & Wellness' dietitians helped me get back on track with their excellent practitioners that gave me a custom package that worked. They're very supportive throughout the whole process =)"
- Emma


"My experience was wonderful, my physiotherapist was understanding and compassionate about my injury. He never pushed me past the point of healing and therapy that I could not tolerate. He brought me back to a form of normalcy and comfort with care and compassion. He always had a smile on his face and an interest in how I was doing and what my day or week was like. He made me feel comfortable and welcome."
- Genevieve Kuzmick


 "I started seeing a massage therapist at Mountainview Health & Wellness when I injured my back.  He helped me to heal, stretch and strengthen my back and reduce the risk of future injuries.  I feel better now than ever before!"


"I went and am still going to Mountainview Health & Wellness for Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy. Both of my therapists have been friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and have helped me heal, along with continuing to fix/help my condition. I would highly recommend both of my therapists to anyone. Thank you for helping me heal and I look forward to coming in to my appointments!"
- Anonymous


"The clinic staff are friendly. The environment is also warm and friendly, the rooms are clean and the clinic looks professional"
- Anonymous


"It was a great experience. The knowledge of the kinesiologist has helped me a lot to improve my physical conditioning and the pain has decreased a lot."
- Anonymous


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