Custom made foot Orthotic defines as a medical device is made to support, align, prevent or enhance deformities of the foot.

A bio mechanical assessment should be performed to determine if foot orthotics would benefit a patient. Custom made Orthotics is fabricated at our labs with different materials to provide support for different foot problems.

Custom foot orthotics is the preferred treatment for foot and knee pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Metatarsalgia, and other foot diseases. It can also reduce muscular fatigue in order to promote more efficient feet performance. People who are active in sports or who stand or walk for long hours may find custom orthotics helpful to increase performance abilities.


Mountainview have launched the latest in 3D-scanning technology to provide perfect custom orthotics for your patients. ***We use a 100%-digital process to design orthotics using the state of the art Ortho-mill™ and Ortho-model™ software for automated manufacturing.

We believe in using the latest technology to deliver our clients improved, high-quality products that contribute to the improvement of your patient’s health.

3-Step 3D Scanning Process

- Place your feet and click scan

- Fill up the prescription form

- Send e-mail to the lab

Step 1:
Foot Scanner – we provide a full custom insole solution from scanning your patient’s foot, a plaster cast, or a foam box impression, from high-quality 3D imagery

Step 2:
Custom orthotics insole design: Ortho-model software is a simple and powerful design tool that captures the type and complexity of corrective custom orthotics. The software supports any type of correction or add-ons such as posts, skives, arch fill, metpads, cobra orthotics, cutouts and Mortons extension.

Step 3:
Custom orthotics insole manufacturing: All our designs from Orthomodel are automatically sent to Orthomill, and ready for processing. Designs are then nested into a material block automatically. We are able to control how the insoles are produced by selecting different machine techniques (based on your patient’s style requirements).
The Orthomodel software allows us to design anything from soft anatomical insoles for diabetic patients, to rigid, polypropylene devices to correct gait, or positives for vacuum forming.

Overview of Our Services:

-Training how to use a foam impression box for fitting custom insoles.
-Picking foam boxes from your locations.
-Delivering custom made orthotics at your place.
-Providing biomechanical assessment (prescription) forms.

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