Laser Therapy in New Westminster

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Cold Laser Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT entails the use of red and near infra-red light being applied over injuries or lesions. LLLT has a proven track record with hundreds of randomised clinical trials published, more than half of which focus on its ability to ease pain.
This type of non-invasive therapy can be used to:
- Improve & accelerate tissue repair
- Reduce pain
- Reduce inflammation in both acute or chronic conditions
LLLT is commonly used to treat:
- Sports injuries
- Naturopathic pain syndromes
- Arthritic joints
- Back & neck pain
Studies of LLLT have shown a positive affect on cellular activity including:
- Stimulating cell growth
- Increasing cell metabolism
- Reducing edema & the formation of fibrous tissue
- Stimulating the long-term production of nitric oxide
- Stimulating the production of endorphins
- Improving cell regeneration 
- Encouraging an anti-inflammatory response
- Stimulating nerve function
- Reducing the production of substance P
- Decreasing the formation of bradykinin, histamin & acetylcholine
The listed photo-biological reactions are the predominant reason for the pain-relieving effects frequently seen in patients treated with LLLT.

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